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Academic Services

The Academic Services oversees administrative tasks, including the organisation, information and certification of issues central to the undergraduate and graduate degree programmes and all procedures which are part of the educational process.

This service is under the supervision of a senior member of staff and has the following competencies:

— Ensuring customer service;
— Giving information on entrance conditions, enrolment and attendance of the School's post-secondary specialisation programmes, undergraduate degrees, post-graduate programmes and master's degrees;
— Working closely with the Economic and Financial Services, so as to collect all due fees for registrar's acts;
— Dealing with the procedures resulting from applications for reimbursement, which is always done in close relation with the Economic and Financial Services;
— Carrying out enrolment and admission procedures;
— Organising students' individual records;
— Organising procedures for recognising diplomas acquired abroad, or their equivalence;
— Updating all information concerning students' academic records;
— Giving support to the grade reporting procedure;
— Ensuring all administrative tasks related to students' voluntary attendance of single course programmes;
— Ensuring the administrative tasks necessary for awarding merit scholarships and school prizes;
— Preparing and issuing admission, enrolment, attendance certificates and diplomas and any documents attesting to public information included in students' records;
— Preparing all statistics related to students' attendance and performance;
— Issuing diplomas and the Diploma Supplement;
— Organising and filing processes.