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Each P.PORTO graduate carries with him a distinctive and excellent identity. They are part of our history and are our best ambassadors.

For this reason, P.PORTO advocates, as a commitment and part of the institutional mission, the continuous reinforcement of the relationship with its graduates, encouraging, through the Alumni Office, a policy of proximity to this giant community.

We are convinced that the end of a degree means a new stage of a journey, in which Porto Polytechnic may still be present. Disseminating opportunities for insertion in the labor market, promoting continuous training and stimulating events and meeting points more or less informal with the community of graduates.

As ambassadors of the institution, the Alumni are our face in society. That is why we created the Espaço Alumni rubric that not only aims to strengthen the relationship with the graduates of the Schools of P.PORTO, but also to give the fair recognition to those who continue to disseminate the excellence of our training model, both nationally and internationally. We want to know where they are and what they are doing. We want to be close to your deeds and learn from them.  Whether you are an engineer in Oporto, a teacher in Berlin, or a therapist in London - all the P.PORTO alumni are invited to be part of the life of the institution.

To strengthen this link, the Politécnico do Porto also has several informative supports aimed at former students - which include an online network and a newsletter. Our digital platforms, namely Linkedin, are also an important meeting point of our community.

But to truly enjoy the full potential of belonging to the Alumni community, the former student should have their data updated in our database, receive their card, and have access to other initiatives especially targeted to the Alumni community.

Because we are convinced that the academic years represent more than a diploma, we continue and stimulate this commitment of proximity. 

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