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Game Design and Digital Animation

The Technical Short Cycle Degree in Game Design and Digital Animation aims at providing higher professional qualifications, as it prepares students to plan, design, and develop games and digital multimedia animations for different environments and platforms, which will enable both assertive and effective communication.

It seeks to favor a solid training on the life cycle of videogame creation, emphasizing aspects like game design, programming with support for several platforms and game engines, narrative and interface, audio and video, 2D and 3D animation, among others. It also favors an eminently practical stance, as shown in the projects included in its syllabus.

The skills acquired in the course will be applied, in a context of curricular work placement, in partner companies that work in the area of video games and animation. This way students will be able to acquire and put into practice the skills they learnt, increase their network of contacts and initiate contact with the corporate culture.


213 - Áudio-visuais e produção dos media
Número: R/Cr-27/2016
N.º Despacho/Portaria: AVISO N.º 2036/2018 (2.ª SÉRIE), 14/2
1º Ano
Unidade curricular Período ECTS
Communication Design 1st Semester 4.0
Algorithms 1st Semester 6.0
Introduction to Linear Algebra 1st Semester 3.0
Animation Technology and Digital Games 1st Semester 6.0
English for Information Technology 1st Semester 3.0
Scenery and Character Drawing 1st Semester 5.0
Drawing I 1st Semester 3.0
Linear Algebra Supplements 2nd Semester 3.0
Software Development 2nd Semester 6.0
Design and Graphic Composition 2nd Semester 6.0
Programming and Web Animation 2nd Semester 5.0
Digital Game Animation I 2nd Semester 4.0
Organizational Behaviour 2nd Semester 3.0
Drawing II 2nd Semester 3.0
2º Ano
Unidade curricular Período ECTS
Narration and Interface 1st Semester 5.0
Digital Game Animation II 1st Semester 4.0
Animation and Game Projects 1st Semester 5.0
Developments for Mobile Environments 1st Semester 3.0
Audio and Video 1st Semester 5.0
Emotion Psychology 1st Semester 3.0
Digital Communication Design 1st Semester 5.0
Workplacement 2nd Semester 30.0
  • > Game Developer;
  • > Game designer;
  • > Artist (3D technician);
  • > Digital animator;
  • > Sound and video editor;
  • > Tester.