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Publicado em: 15 Setembro 2020

SCOPIO International Photography Contest 2020

This autonomous publication integrates universities and departments related to photography connected to the worlds of Architecture, Art and Image at a national and international level.

The scopio Magazine International Photography Contest is focused on the strengthening of photography as an inquisitive instrument and on the search for new talents, while at the same time raising awareness towards photography and architecture. On the past decade, this contest has achieved a significant success. Not only all the winners and honourable mentions have been published by scopio Editions, but they’ve also been divulged in many conferences, round-tables and exhibitions in Portugal and abroad. Taking into account this and encouraging the development of several bodies of work, it was decided to adopt a new structure, meaning that the contest will be available in digital format online with its own website and in printed format with its autonomous publication, called Viewfinder.

Viewfinder partially publishes all the entries of the scopio International Photography Contest, announcing the winner and the honorable mentions of the scopio International Photography Contest and of the scopio International Photobook Contest, being the latter published in detail and the winners published in full.

Viewfinder has a revitalised Editorial board, which means that the coordination of this publication is shared between the research group CCRE/CEAU/FAUP and uniMAD/ESMAD/P.PORTO. This autonomous publication, even though connected to scopio Magazine, integrates universities and departments related to photography connected to the worlds of Architecture, Art and Image at a national and international level. The publication has five editors: Iñaki Bergera (School of Architecture in Zaragoza), Marco Iuliano (School of Architecture in Liverpool), which are already both research members of CEAU-FAUP, Mark Durden (USW), Olívia da Silva (uniMAD/ESMAD/P.PORTO) and Pedro Leão Neto (CCRE/CEAU/FAUP).

Viewfinder reveals new talents and awareness towards photography and architecture, city and territory universes both in Portugal and abroad, recognizing that past published photography projects have significantly captured the interest of both the specialised and the general public while also building new collaborations with the purpose of creating increased synergies.

Viewfinder is published with its own ISBN and in a date of the year that may be different from other scopio magazine publications of the same cycle. Crossing Borders and Shifting Boundaries: Territory is the main theme of the current cycle of scopio Magazine, and we are interested in original projects where photography is explored as a significant research instrument for building critical and innovative views on architecture as an extended field of knowledge that operates within larger systems, with cultural, artistic, technical and historical dimensions. The main focus of this issue is on public space transformation and aims to question how different dimensions of the public sphere may be meaningfully understood or reframed through different lenses and perspectives. At the heart of this debate is the contemporary discussion that the image of the city is in itself modified with the very process of change according to specific sensorial and cognitive conditions, originating the possibility of establishing new spatial connections in an expanded territory of cosmopolitan interaction.

VIEWFINDER is published by scopio Editions and will be out soon.
The date for the public presentation and award ceremony will also be announced soon.

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