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Research Centers

The research carried out at the School of Media Arts and Design [ESMAD] is fundamentally based on activities developed by its research unit: Institute of Research in Design, Media, and Culture (ID+).

However, research is not solely conducted through this unit. It also relies on the contributions of master's, doctoral, and advanced specialization programs, in which ESMAD's faculty and researchers are responsible for other actions, such as conceiving and developing research projects, regularly producing scientific,

artistic, and academic publications, participating in, and organizing national and international conferences, workshops, and exhibitions.

In addition to scientific research, ESMAD promotes reflection and discussion through practice, production, and artistic expression in close coordination with the social, business, and cultural fabric not only of the cities where it is located but also of the country in general and even in international geographies.

In addition to its main research unit, ID+, ESMAD's faculty and researchers collaborate with recognized national and international R&D entities, such as INESC-TEC, the Institute of Philosophy, or the INET-md.

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