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Media and Design Research Unit

Despite having been recently created, the Research Unit in Media Arts and Design (uniMAD), benefits from the experience of its researchers and shares the goals and circumstances of the school it belongs to. On the one hand, it embraces multiple areas of knowledge, such as Design, Photography, Cinema, Communication and Media, Web Technologies and Digital Arts, and on the other, it profits from the intersection of those same areas, as it turns this research unit into a privileged partner in artistic, research and research/ action projects that require technical, technological, artistic and theoretical know-how.

Aware of the reality and demands of contemporary societies, uniMAD understands the urgency of producing and making knowledge available. Such knowledge results from intersecting artistic and technological production and the discourse on these products with broader concerns, which we could refer to as an ecological attitude towards artistic and technological production and promotion. Research is a statement from the institution and its faculty members, both at national and international levels. To this end, it is urgent to stimulate commitment to the local culture and business fabric by involving researchers, promoters and policy makers and raising their awareness about research programs.

Achieving some of its objectives will imply promoting an attitude of meticulous participation in the construction of technological and artistic knowledge, supporting policies that result in giving added value to artistic practices as processes of knowledge construction, being involved in the sustainable progress of interactive media and web-based systems, gradually increasing the number of projects and recognizing their added value through funding applications that will ensure their continuation.

Person in charge
Ricardo Queirós (PhD)

Combined Shape