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Registrar’s Office and Teaching Activities Unit

It deals with academic records, and is responsible for managing, providing and supporting training and, monitoring activities, as well as providing information to the competent authorities. Its  main functions and responsibilities are:

─ Participating in the processes related to the promotion of the courses;
─ Integrating information related to the creation and changes made to courses;
─ Organising  students’ skills recognition processes;
─ Providing information about the students to the competent authorities and other liaison  entities;
─ Issuing certificates, credentials, diplomas, and other documents related to courses;
─ Guaranteeing the procedures regarding enrolment, registration, transfers, readmission, course changes, special regimes and special admission procedures related to the courses;
─ Managing the information concerning students’ academic records and individual files, guaranteeing their registration in computer support systems and maintaining the archive of the individual files.


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