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Postgraduate Program in Screenplay

The Postgraduate Program in Screenplay offers an advanced curriculum in creative writing, targeting professionals in the film, television and multimedia industries. Over two semesters, each student will be oriented to develop screenplay projects that meet professional quality standards.

Jointly with a strong component of practical experimentation, the course also proposes a comprehensive program of themed seminars for areas in creative writing, promoting face-to-face contact with national and foreign professionals and researchers.

Thus, without giving up the specificity of its practical objectives, the Postgraduate Program in Screenplay also offers a broad contextualization of area?s theoretical and methodological horizon, diversifying the field of possibilities in the world of work. This program has the objectives of familiarizing the students with the different genres and audiovisual formats, according to the trends and needs of the market; of making advanced experimentation in creative writing possible, according to design and planning models of audiovisual narratives for cinema, television or multimedia; of enhancing creative writing techniques according to the specificities and objectives of each student; of liaising the writing of a screenplay with the remaining development phases in audiovisual projects, namely the work of direction and edition; of preparing projects for competitions (national or international) and pitching sessions.

Course is taught at the Porto Design Factory facilities..


1º Ano
Unidade curricular Período ECTS
Screenwriting Project I 1st Semester 16.0
Seminars I 1st Semester 14.0
Screenwriting Project II 2st Semester 20.0
Seminars II 2st Semester 10.0
  • Professionals of the film industry, television and multimedia
  • Advertising and editorial agents
  • Research or artistic career
  • Producers of content
  • Screenwriters.