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Publicado em: 06 Fevereiro 2023

Call for Papers | ICPEC

The 4th edition of the International Computer Programming Education Conference will take place between the 26th and 28th of June 2023.

Computer programming is a fascinating area, but at the same time, complex. In the teaching-learning process, teachers face many difficulties to find techniques and methodologies to facilitate the learning of programming languages and to foster problem-solving skills. At the same time, students find it difficult to understand the subjects and do not feel motivated to continue pursuing their studies and get good grades.

ICPEC aims to be a space participated by teachers and researchers to discuss topics that promote new methodologies, best practices, trends, techniques and tools to improve the teaching-learning process of computer programming.


Computer programming languages, analytics and standardization 
Programming language concepts and methodologies;

Programming exercises standards and specifications;
E-learning data analytics;
Learning Objects (SCORM, IEEE LOM, IMS CC, etc.)
Learning cloud services;
Data and graph visualization languages.

Computer programming environments, tools, and services
Learning Management Systems;

Massive Open Online Courses;
Repositories of programming exercises;
Intelligent Tutors;
Automatic assessment and evaluation tools;
Plagiarism tools.

Computing programmes, curricula, and courses

E-learning and B-learning in computer programming courses;
Programming languages teaching methods;

Developing, implementing, or evaluating computing programmes, curricula, and courses;
Pedagogical strategies to foster learning in computer education;
Social and global challenges in computing education.

Innovative use of technologies
Micro-learning;Digital Credentials and Open Badges;
Gamification and Game-based learning;
Immersive environments and metaverse;
Learning tools interoperability (IMS LTI, xAPI, LRS, CMI, etc.)
Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality;
AI to drive student progress (e.g. bot coaching).


All the submissions will be managed through the EasyChair online system.

All accepted papers will be published in open-access on OASIcs, and indexed on SCOPUS and DBLP.

Paper types
Full papers | 8 to 12 pages, presented in 20+5 minutes, complete work, including a validation or discussion;

Short papers | 5 to 8 pages, presented in 10+5 minutes, ongoing work, well anchored in the literature, but not yet fully validated;
Posters | 2 pages, initial work.
Papers should be written in English, using OASIcs template (link will be announced soon in the conference website)


Paper Submission: April 25, 2023
Paper Author Notification: May 24, 2023
Final Paper Submission: May 31, 2023
Accepted Papers Author Registration Deadline: June 15, 2023
Conference: June 26-28, 2023


General Chair
Mário Pinto (ESMAD, Polytechnic of Porto, Portugal)

Ricardo Queirós (ESMAD, Polytechnic of Porto, Portugal)

Steering Committee
Alberto Simões (IPCA, Portugal)

Filipe Portela (UM, Portugal)
Mário Pinto (ESMAD, Polytechnic of Porto, Portugal)
Ricardo Queirós (ESMAD, Polytechnic of Porto, Portugal)

Organizing Committee
Mário Pinto (ESMAD, Polytechnic of Porto, Portugal)

Ricardo Queirós (ESMAD, Polytechnic of Porto, Portugal)
Teresa Terroso  (ESMAD, Polytechnic of Porto, Portugal)


Updates are regularly posted in the Conference webpage. Organizers can be contacted using info[at]icpeconf.org

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