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Publicado em: 05 Julho 2024

John Goto Award

Applications for the John Goto Prize are open from June 6th to August 16th. Open to the participation of higher education students in the visual arts, of any nationality, individuals or groups.

The School of Media Arts and Design (ESMAD) at the Polytechnic Institute of Porto (P.PORTO) has launched the John Goto Prize in honor of the innovative photographer and artist John Goto. His groundbreaking work has contributed to reshaping photography as a means of social commentary and cultural critique.

The John Goto Prize competition is open to higher education students in visual arts (photography, video, cinema, digital arts, multimedia, design, fine arts) of any nationality, either individually or in groups.

The application period for the John Goto Prize runs from June 6th to August 16th, 2024.

John Goto Award Regulation | Website

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