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Publicado em: 13 Maio 2021

Docentes da ESMAD participam no 18.º Wegiel Film Festival

A edição do festival de cinema polaco conta com a presença dos artistas José Alberto Pinheiro (Cinema) e Ângela Berlinde (Fotografia), docentes da ESMAD.

No dia 14 de maio, pelas 10h30 (PT), José Alberto Pinheiro, docente do Departamento das Artes da Imagem da ESMAD e investigador do grupo Philosophy and Public Space da Univeridade do Porto, apresenta no 18.º Wegiel Film Festival organizado pela Krzysztof Kieślowski Film School - University of Silesia, a comunicação "Do Gods Fly Over Godless Cities".

No mesmo dia, pelas 15h00 (PT), Ângela Berlinde, fotógrafa e docente do mesmo departamento, modera o painel da World Press Photo Winner com a presença dos fotógrafos Natalia Kepesz, Daniel Rodrigues, Nuno André Ferreira e Rafał Milach.

"Do Gods Fly Over Godless Cities"
Meeting with the portuguese director, screenwriter and producer José Alberto Pinheiro. Link de acesso 

Since the beginning of the present century, theatres all over our cities have been constantly bombarded by a seemingly endless stream of comic book super hero adaptations. What was once a niche of an entertainment form - mainly destined to children and teenagers - has suddenly hijacked our cultural landscape, not as an ephemeral fad as many expected, but as an enduring phenomena.
The interdependence between the city and the superhero figure can be traced right to its origins – one cannot exist without the other - sometimes they seem to fade away, but at the moments of greatest uncertainty and political unrest they tend to be summoned by the Polis… precisely as it happened after 9/11, when the renaissance in point starts.   
This presentation aims at contributing to the understanding of what underlines the massive and global popularity of these characters, from a mythological, philosophical and historical standpoint. 

World Press Photo Winner
Mesa redonda com Natalia Kepesz, Daniel Rodrigues, Nuno Andre Ferreira e Rafał Milach, com moderação de Ângela Berlinde. Link de acesso

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