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Publicado em: 24 Novembro 2017

Masterclass com o realizador Sergio Carvajal

"Transmedia Storytelling: Exploring the Texan Italian Story World", uma masterclass com o realizador Sergio Carvajal no próximo dia 28 de novembro.

No próximo dia 28 de novembro, pelas 18h00 irá realizar-se uma masterclass com o realizador Sergio Carvajal subordinada ao tema "Transmedia Storytelling: Exploring the Texan Italian Story World". No evento marcará ainda presença a produtora do seu filme, Romina Olson.

Giorgio has gone to Texas to finally find the woman he loves, someone he had met in Italy more than 30 years ago named Hope. What was supposed to be the most amazing moment for Giorgio suddenly changes into a complete mess when the infamous Valentino, a phony Italian chef, decides to complicate Giorgio's plans and drag him into the wildest ride of his life. Just when everything seemed doomed, TJ, a mediocre Italian student, comes to Giorgio's rescue by helping him translate his story. Tiramisu for Two (2016) is a dark comedy in Italian and English about the connections and disconnections we establish in this very complex and yet silly world we live in.

Sergio Carvajal-Leoni
Texan-Venezuelan transmedia Artist Sergio Carvajal-Leoni is the creator of the independent series El Gallo, the Texan Italian Cult film Tiramisu for Two and the celebrated edutainment project italchannel.TV

Sergio thinks that the lack of local stories with good Geo-Ethnic-Cultural content is the reason why most people feel disenfranchised with their surroundings and why communities grow and develop without ever establishing a strong identity that unites its residents. He believes that creating new forms of financing, distribution and storytelling that strengthen the local storytelling market is a must; he believes it is a million times more important than any prize or anyone's approval. That said, he secretly also looks at who won the Oscars and wonders if he ever, for any reason, would win one some day.

O evento irá realizar-se no Campus 1 (Porto) da ESMAD/P.PORTO.

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