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Publicado em: 03 Julho 2020

Philosophy, City and Public Space

O livro conta com um capítulo da autoria do docente José Alberto Pinheiro

José Alberto Pinheiro, docente do Departamento de Artes da Imagem da Escola Superior de Media Artes e Design contribui com o capítulo “Do Gods Fly Over Godless Cities?” no recém publicado livro “Philosophy, City and Public Space” (Ed. Afrontamento), que sob a coordenação da Doutora Paula Cristina Pereira e Maria João Couto reúne participações de vários investigadores do grupo Philosophy and Public Space do Instituto de Filosofia da Universidade do Porto.

«This is no longer a matter of reconfiguring public space based on the characteristics of the ancient Greek polis or even on the modern nation-states; a new spatial order — that of the post-metropolis — has emerged, which implies a deep analysis of the impacts economic and social changes (generated by globalization) have had on the life of cities and on democratic experience. It is impossible to think of the human condition in our era without taking into account the urban condition. Philosophers, thus, face a major challenge which, more than anything else, challenges philosophy itself».

(From the Introduction)

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